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Reflection Letter

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Dear Educational Technology Faculty,


The world has evolved! Technology has changed both business practices and people i.e., administrators, educators, and students. Every educational institution has evolved on how they perceive and interact with the world as predicted by Peter Drucker, “The productivity of knowledge and knowledge workers will not be the only competitive factor in the world economy. It is however, likely to become the decisive factor…” (1997, p.22). This simple, but concrete fact, confirms that traditional schools are no longer up to the task of preparing (intellectually as well as technologically) students for the new demands of the evergrowing technological 21st Century. My quest is to find new tools and procedures to develop technology integration models, and to provide my students with the latest skills necessary to adapt and analyze a rapidly changing environment. Therefore, I have decided to embark on a new challenge in my life: to obtain a Master’s Degree in Education Technology.


Through the courses of the MTT program, the different assignments I have been exposed to have given me the practice and skills to support my district in promoting effective technology integration. It has provided me the guidelines and tools necessary to communicate and work in groups even if the members are at different locations and do not have the opportunity to see each other. As demonstrated in the matrix of my eportfolio, other software and skills were developed throughout the past two years. The following are the various tools that were implemented in enhancing my academic and technology skills through the Masters in Educational Technology Program, which included:


PBWorks: Throughout my learning experience, PB works established a revolutionary platform of effective collaboration and communication with other students in the program. In fact, my involvement and cooperation through the wikis was so extensive, I became thoroughly involve in the creation and development of wiki pages within my curriculum and students. I recognize PB works as a tool with tremendous potential for the K-12 environment. However, some restrictions in school policies present difficulties in restricting access to certain documents, links, and video feed; a possible solution may involve a set-up for a wiki server in our district intranet. In addition, I foresee PB works as a collaboration tool among teachers to share lesson plans, experiences and serve as a support center.


Wimba: From all the tools applicable in the program, the one that impacted me most is WIMBA. Personally, WIMBA is the most important tool of 21st century education. I truly enjoyed the interactivity with the professor and fellow students. Although considered a chat room, WIMBA provides an education oriented setting to share files and web resources. WIMBA includes a variety of communication venues such as real time dialogues, archived conversations and shared applications. Professionally, WIMBA presents an opportunity for the education and private sector as a training tool for teachers, students and employees.


Camtasia: Camtasia is one of the most important tools for education and training purposes. As an essential tool, it has enabled me to create and develop an on-line and/or multimedia presentations from PowerPoint and/or other presentation files. Camtasia has influenced my delivery of instruction and improved my lesson presentations tremendously. I feel it has impacted my student involvement in a very positive manner,for I can target various forms of learning styles and provide adequate instruction to the special populations. Also, I foresee an increase in utilization of this tool in the adult education setting.


To see technology as the “Superman” of education and economy is erroneous. It alone will not solve every institution’s problem. With this in mind, I plan to research and test new tools that demonstrate technology as a potential means to solve complex educational issues. As a Master’s in Educational Technology graduate in conjunction with my educational experience, I plan to contribute to society by guiding the new generations of competitive, life-long learners, successful citizens and professionals of the world.


Thank you


Miguel A. Molina Jr.






Drucker, P. (1998, November). The future that has already happened. Futurist, 32(8), 16.



Copyright © 2009. The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College


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